About WFMLondon

Welcome to World Fashion Market

We are a growing company in the international fashion industry which is dedicated to supporting and boosting fashion on a global basis, and promoting the Fashion Tourism industry in London.

We were established in 2014 by John Houston, an entrepreneur with a lifelong passion for fashion who has close associations with the industry following a highly rewarding career as a hair stylist.  John’s long and successful experience in business, degree in International Travel & Tourism and his personal flare for fashion have all been pivotal in the establishment and growth of our organisation.

World Fashion Market was set-up to take advantage of the growth and development of digital developments in the fashion industry which mean that people all around the world can now gain access to global fashion on our phones, tablets and laptops.

We have brought together a dedicated team of like-minded individuals with the right skills, experience and fashion knowledge and connections to work closely with key stakeholders in the industry to promote it worldwide and to confirm London’s position as the world’s premier fashion tourist destination.


The goals and objectives of our organisation

At World Fashion Market our goal is to create a sensational experience for our customers and to provide high quality products at an acceptable price/value relationship which respects diversity and hard work.

We work with a number of notable names in the global fashion industry as well as direct with members of the public. We have an international focus and operations worldwide, managed from our HQ in London – one of the major hubs of the global fashion industry.


What we do

We are proud of our expertise in fashion, and we aim to provide support and assistance to the global industry. We undertake a range of activities:

  • Influential Events
    Organising a wide range of fashion trade events and exhibitions for and on behalf of our own team and also for other organisations in the industry.
  • Powerful Platforms
    Providing platforms for: online shopping services and online fashion TV broadcasting to showcase fashion trends
  • Eminent Awards
    Organising and hosting a range of fashion trade awards.
  • Influential Networking
    Planning and engaging with important stakeholders in the international fashion industry
  • Exquisite Membership

Offering exciting discounts and offers to our members globally 


Managing Fashion Tourism
Promoting London as the perfect destination for a fantastic range of high quality fashion events and world-class shopping. We are lucky to be based in one of the world’s undisputed fashion capitals so we use our Tourism Management expertise to provide wonderful and memorable experiences for fashionistas and enthusiasts.


Why do clients and key industry players choose to work with us?

If you are an organisation or individual operating in the global fashion industry, there are many important reasons to work with World Fashion Market.

We use our influence on the following ways:

  • We create and develop exposure for up and coming designers, and textile manufacturers and promote innovation and new technology for students of fashion
  • Our extensive range of global contacts means we are able to offer excellent opportunities to network and generate business deals and contracts
  • We are keen to provide educational opportunities for students to generate and pitch new ideas
  • We help retailers, suppliers, designers and manufacturers to find opportunities for new innovations, technologies and materials
  • We contribute to the global fashion tourism industry with a wide range of travel tourism opportunities


Want to find out more?

Get in touch with us today – we will be delighted to discuss ways that we can help